Type or dictate the scene title

Tap and hold Folder to access menu

Tap + button



Tap + and read line out loud

Tap “Save For Myself” if line is yours, or “Save For Reader” if line belongs to other characters

Repeat for each line in your scene

Tap 3 dots to access line menu



Different ways to rehearse your lines

Swipe up the play button to access rehearsal menu




Stops the playback after Reader line and waits for you to tap the screen to play the next one.

Detects silence after you finish speaking and starts brief countdown before playing the next line.

Just plays all the lines continuously.

Tap the screen to go to the next line.

Adjust countdown duration (delay)

Adjust mic volume to "define" silence

Default time is 1 second.


To change, tap - or + button or drag the box left or right.

Drag the Mic volume slider left or right.


If you’re far from your device, turn the Mic volume UP. If background is noisy, turn it DOWN. Leave it in the middle for normal use while in proximity of your device.



How to self-tape

  • Open the rehearse menu and tap the Camera button
  • Screen will rotate to video mode
  • Choose self-timer duration
  • Tap Play button
  • Video recording will start immediately
  • Get ready, and when the countdown is over coldRead will play the first line
  • Tap Save button when you finish and your tape will be saved in your Photo Library

Self-tape options

  • Since the sound is recorded from your device’s speaker, Reader line will sound a little bit distorted. Reduce your device’s volume to have your Reader sound softer.


  • By default coldRead will export an additional copy of your tape with Reader lines replaced by the good quality ones you recorded previously for the scene. This works  well if you don’t overlap lines while rehearsing.


  • Tap Gear button to adjust Reader volume and turn this feature ON or OFF.


  • coldRead will give you heads up 5 seconds before rehearsing countdown is up by flashing camera 3 times.


F. A. Q

  • ・How do I delete a line?

     Swipe the line left and tap delete.

  • ・How do I reorder my lines?

    Tap and hold the line and drag it up or down.

  • ・I accidentally denied coldRead mic/camera/photo library access. How do I fix this?

    coldRead will show an alert telling you about permission being denied and will offer an option to change that in your phone settings.

  • ・How do I re-record lines?

     If you’d like to re-record audio for existing line, tap the Line menu and choose “Re-Record”.

  • ・I saved the line for MYSELF, but actually the line isn’t my character’s. Do I have to delete this line and record it again?

    No. You can tap the Line menu and choose “Cast to Reader”. Line will stay the same, but the cast will change from MYSELF to READER.

  • ・How do I add actions to my line?

    Tap the Line menu and choose “Add Action”. Dictate or type your action and tap OK. To delete action, follow the same process, but leave the field empty. coldRead will delete the action.

  • ・I subscribed but coldRead still won’t let me play more than 8 lines. What do I do?

    Make sure you are logged into your App store account. Try restarting coldRead. Try Restore Purchases button in the settings menu. Send an email to

  • ・How do I cancel my subscription?

    Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.


    1. Tap your Apple ID at the top.
    2. Tap View Apple ID and sign in if prompted.
    3. Tap Subscriptions.
    4. Find and tap your coldRead subscription.
    5. Choose Cancel Subscription


    Important: If you don't see a coldRead subscription, make sure that you're signed in with the Apple ID that you used to subscribe originally. Also, review your iTunes purchase history.


  • If you expect large pauses in the middle of your line, record it as two separate lines.


  • To open a new scene tap and hold on a folder and select Add new scene.


  • Turn the mic volume up while connected to your car audio system.


  • Adjust countdown after silence is detected to suit your needs. While learning lines use more than 1 sec, to give yourself more time. For fast paced scenes use 0 sec.


  • Record someone else’s voice for "other" characters for more realistic experience.


  • Use Add Action from the line menu and type your line as a reminder when sides are not available.


  • Change the loud speaker to phone speaker and run your lines if you're surrounded by people. It will look like you're having a phone call.

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